ball state university multicultural center



Ball State University Multicultural Center

Location | Muncie, IN

A finalist in the Gresham Smith Design Competition located at the edge of Ball State University’s campus.

The design proposal for the Ball State University Multicultural Center was driven by the focus on the presentation theater.  As it was central to the mission of the Multicultural Center, we made it central to the structure with all program wrapping the edges of the theater.  The theater was raised one level above ground to accommodate a small cafe/cafeteria at the ground level.  A small library with offices and a computer lab lie at the north of the building with meeting rooms elevated above the rest of the center at the east.  Although the aesthetic of the building does not match that of the majority of the masonry clad campus, the modular aluminum cladding system used for this project celebrated the idea behind a modular masonry aesthetic.

Ball State University Multicultural Center Team: Benjamin Greenberg | Paul Lindsay