center for regenerative studies



Center for Regenerative Studies

Location | Albany, California

A small college for the study of regenerative environments.  A regenerative academic building, dormitory and greenhouse placed on a construction debris landfill in the San Francisco Bay.

The College of the Seven Spheres Center for Regenerative studies was a comprehensive studio project.  As a studio we were tasked to individually find a site for a regenerative college campus.  The campus not only had to be net-zero so that it could be grid-free, but it also had to produce excess energy that could be returned to the grid.  My project was sited on a brownfield (former construction debris landfill) in Albany, California along the east side of the San Francisco Bay.  The project was driven by the goal of ensuring a regenerative campus.  Vast amounts of photovoltaic “trees” were placed along paths on the site to produce the energy required to sustain the site and feed energy to the grid.  As summers in California consistently have droughts a passive sea water desalination system was designed for this campus to provide all the fresh water needed for sustaining the green houses as well as the students and faculty.  The final design was a dormitory building, an academics building and an adjoining water desalination and waste treatment facility.  There were also several green houses and other desalination facilities placed on the site following the aesthetic precedent set by the main design.