about me

About Ben Greenberg

Benjamin Maru Greenberg

Japanese American

Born in West Berlin, Germany


Lived in:

Casablanca, Morocco

Havana, Cuba

Moscow, Russia

Yokohama, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Falls Church, Virginia

Muncie, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana

I am a graduate architect having received my Master of Architecture at Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning May 05, 2012.  My educational design experience includes civic centers, institutional buildings, labs and large residential buildings.  My educational designs are guided by an intent for sustainable design (toward Net-Zero) as well as utilizing the flexibility and control of parametric modelling.  My professional design experience includes corporate office, multifamily residential, single family residential and customized digital design and fabrication.  With both educational and professional designs I make every effort to achieve a complete and effective solution appropriate to each respective project.  As of June 01, 2012 I am a proud employee of MSKTD & Associates, Inc.

Aside from architecture my interests lie in furniture design and fabrication, rapid product prototyping, photography and graphic design.  In these additional interests I consider myself an amateur, but nonetheless approach them with the highest level of rigor ensuring the best result I can attain.

Recently Paul Reynolds and I started Project South Design Company, LLC, a furniture design and fabrication shop.  We have been working on a wide range of projects, and are always looking for new opportunities.  If you have a project in mind please feel free to get ahold of us here.

Update:  I have sold my half of Project South Design Company, LLC, and Paul Reynolds has taken the helm to allow the company to evolve into MACH, a sister company of the HAUS brand.  Check them out for all you fabrication needs.

In the meantime I have been travelling quite a bit for work, and as a result have started cataloging my travel through a Rental Car Review blog.  Feel free to follow along as I try out all kinds of available rentals to find out what is truly good out there.