Georges international market

By Benjamin Greenberg on 01/15/2013 in Lunch

George’s International Market, a fantastic hole in the wall from the Lunch in Fort Wayne series, enjoyed on January 15, 2013

George’s International Market is a phenomenal find as it is not recognizably advertised that there is a small cafe within that serves some of the most full flavored tacos and quesadillas in the city.  We enjoyed chicken, steak, pork and chorizo tacos as well as their chicken quesadillas and chips with salsa.  There was nothing but praise from our critics for the food aside from the fact that the chips were not complimentary (similar to chipotle).

The interior is fitting for a small establishment within a supermarket.  It has all the essentials; seating, trash cans, napkins and windows but it isn’t overly decorated or embellished.

The final results are in with:

10 – BG
9 – BS
9.25 – NZ
9.5 – MS

An excellent find and a true example of why we enjoy the Lunch in Fort Wayne series.

George's Labaguette on Urbanspoon
George's Mexican Cafe on Urbanspoon