Mi Pueblo

By Benjamin Greenberg on 01/22/2013 in Lunch

Mi Pueblo, a Tex-Mex addition to the Lunch in Fort Wayne series, enjoyed on January 22, 2013.

Mi Pueblo is a great example of a consistently good Tex-Mex restaurant.  A variety of standard menu items were ordered including pollo supremo, chicken chimichanga and nachos.  Chips were good although getting them refilled was more difficult than we had hoped.  This ended up being the biggest complaint as we were used to being waited on and having frequent chip refills at similar restaurants.

The interior is not overly decorated yet simultaneously lively.  This is a great place for lunch or dinner among friends.

The final results are in with:

8 – BG
9 – BS
9 – NZ
9 – MS

Mi Pueblo is a great restaurant that you can count on being consistently good and as a result is a perfect go to when you and your friends are having problems making a decision.  Highly recommended by the Lunch in Fort Wayne crew.

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